Books by Don Filer

Coming of Age in Zweibrucken

Growing up as a military brat in Germany in the midst of a cold war with the soviet union could be a daunting task. It wasn't for the most part, we were teenagers with better things on our minds. We danced at the teen club, went bowling and watched movies at the kaserne theater. We had school and chores like everybody else. We went sledding in the winter and square dancing in the fall. We ate at the snack bar and made crafts in the craft shop. We made friends and discovered our interest in the opposite sex.

Be True to Your School

A catchy tune by the Beach Boys in the mid sixties described our lives in High School. Football games, dances, boyfriends, and girlfriends, varsity athletics, cheerleaders, marching band, and classes by the dozen. After graduation, I enlisted in the U.S. Army and after basic training, went to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey for Meteorological Observers training. Life in the military was lonely so I married my High School sweetheart and we built a nest on post at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Parts & Labor

After I got our of the Army, we moved back to Concord, California and began my college journey. I also teamed up with former classmates to form a rock band called Parts and Labor. Dave Moak, Dave Ferrell, Bill Chenoweth, and Michael Sandoval got things started. After a time, Jeff Fisk, Mark Stevenson, Hall Miller, and Ed Goodhue joined the band. The life of an entertainer has its problems and my marriage disintegrated and I pursued other love interests.

Working for a Living

I began my work life after graduating from San Francisco State as a technical writer for Multisonics in San Ramon, California. After three years I jumped into the personal computer industry with both feet and spent time working for Exidy, California Computer Systems, Byte Industries, and Digital Marketing. I learned a lot about the hardware and software that made the technical industry tick. Along the way I found a mentor in Michael Lipschutz who always provided great advice.