Microsoft FSX Reviews

by Don Filer

Posted on January 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM

737 NGX

Welcome to Flights of Fancy a website of Microsoft Flight Simulator X reviews. I hope you find this material informative and educational.

PMDG MD-11X Review

The MD-11 is 18.6 feet (5.66 m) longer than the earlier DC-10 trijet, and carries about 50 more passengers.

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PMDG 737NGX Review
737 NGX

The Next Generation 737 is Boeing’s response to the European Airbus A320 and it incorporates a lot of the latest technology especially in the flight management computer and autopilot

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PMDG BAe JetStream 4100

The sign of a really good company is they produce products that exceed customer's expectations. PMDG and Carenado are two examples of companies that do that on a consistent basis.

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Piper PA-34 200T SenecaII

Carenado has a reputation for producing realistic, high quality add-on airplanes for Flight Simulator and the Piper PA-34 200T is no exception.

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Kirk Olsson’s F-16 Fighting Falcon

Kirk Olsson did a magnificent job modeling the F-16 and there are several varieties besides the Clean version shown here; GBU, HARM, JDAM, etc., with different weapon configurations translating into different weights and payloads and therefore flight characteristics.

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Beginner's ILS Tutorial

Flying with Instrument Flight Rules can be challenging for new flight simulator enthusiasts.

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